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Swiss company Prodir a brand of Pagani Pens is a global leader in the field of innovative technology for the development of writing instruments. Since 1961, its sole focus has been on the needs of the customer, attention to detail and respect for both its employees and the environment. With its brands, Pagani Pens exports its excellent standards all over the world.

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Internationally award-winning design, outstanding writing technology and wide-ranging personalisation options make Prodir pens the world leader in promotional pens. Our production process is sustainable and we undertake extreme care in being socially responsible in all our processes. Our pens are produced in Switzerland from the pen body to the tip including refills.

Email us for one of our prodir experts to get in touch with you at sales@prodirindia.com 

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New!! Prodir Pens STONE with Metal Series. First ever.

Prodir Pen STONE QS Series

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Prodir last year sold more then 80 millions pens. We make our ink, refills, pens as well as print your logo in Switzerland. We are 100% Swiss. Now in India.

Prodir Pens in India by Good Stuff Co.

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